FAQS - Prospective Students/Parents


1. What is Vineyard Independent Study?
Vineyard School is a public school alternative offered through the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD).  Vineyard School is a fully WASC accredited high school.  We offer UC/CSU approved college preparatory classes.  In this program, you will receive one-on-one attention from your teacher and create an individualized study plan that provides you the flexibility to do your school work around your schedule.  Your success depends on you and your goals.  Vineyard Alternative is not a continuation school.


2. How do I enroll?

Enrollment at Vineyard requires an inter-district transfer from your homeschool if you are already a student in the LVJUSD. If you are new to the district, contact your homeschool.  If you don't know your homeschool please, see the district web page at www.livermoreschools.com.


3. What are the classes like?

At Vineyard, a student is assigned one teacher for all subjects. You will have an appointment with this teacher once a week for an hour, in which you will turn in all assignments for the week, take any necessary exams and receive your next assignments. 


4. Will I get a diploma?

Yes, Vineyard is an accredited high school offering the same diplomas as traditional high schools.


5. Can I take courses not offered at Vineyard?

Concurrent enrollment at other schools is offered, but some restrictions apply. Contact the Vineyard office for more information.


6. Can I graduate early?

Yes. The graduation requirements for Vineyard are the same as other Livermore schools.  You have the opportunity to work ahead and you can receive your diploma as soon as these requirements are met.  We welcome early graduates to come back and participate in our graduation ceremony in early June.


7. Will I still be able to participate in sports/other activities?

Yes. You may participate in sports at other Livermore schools, but as with concurrent enrollment, restrictions and requirements apply. Please contact the Vineyard office or consult the Vineyard handbook for more information.


8. How is Vineyard different from homeschool?

At Vineyard, students have individual teachers, who teach and guide them in their academic progress. Although we encourage parent involvement, unlike homeschool, parents are not the primary coordinators of their child’s coursework.


9. What are the courses I can take?

Courses and descriptions can be found in the Vineyard handbook.