FAQS - Current Students

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1. How do I concurrently enroll in other schools within the district?

Talk to your teacher or Vineyard School staff, who can point you toward the necessary forms and inform you of the restrictions involved. Each individual situation differs.


2. How can I take ROP classes?

Taking ROP from Vineyard School will be similar to concurrent enrollment. Talk to your teacher or Vineyard staff.


3. How do I concurrently enroll in Las Positas?

There are many courses offered at Las Positas which are not offered at any LVJUSD schools. For concurrent enrollment, contact both Las Positas (424-1000) and Vineyard (606-4722, ext. 4).


4. How can I participate in sports?

If you are willing to commit to sports, you can talk to the other school and fill out the necessary paperwork (including completed physical exam form). Talk to your teacher or Vineyard office for more information.


5. How can I participate in other activities (such as senior activities)?

At Vineyard School, you may feel that you miss out on many of the fun activities offered at other schools. You can participate in some of these activities, including senior activities, at other schools. Contact Vineyard staff for more information.


6. I have no idea what I want to do after high school. Where can I get help?

Vineyard School has a guidance counselor available. Contact the Vineyard office for an appointment or information on programs after high school, including trade schools and colleges.


7. How do I apply for college?

Each college requires different application information, but most of them require your high school transcripts. The Vineyard School office can supply you with your official transcripts, but it is your responsibility to get them to the college of your choice in the manner they accept. To find out how to apply for the college of your choice, search for their website, which will provide you with all the necessary information.


8. How can I get a work permit?

Work permits need to be completed by your employer, your school, and your parent/guardian in order to maintain a job while in school. The necessary forms are located in the Vineyard School office.